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Our mission is to offer professional dance training in all genres of dance to young, aspiring dancers. We strive to offer frequent and abundant opportunities that will enhance their dance knowledge and training. We work as mentors to dancers and nurture them in a positive learning environment. We provide ample opportunities for all dancers to perform and compete with dance as an art form.


Goals & Purpose

The main objective to Fusion Dance Company is to give dancers who want to take dance to the next level the training, guidance and opportunities to do so. The Company program is designed to encourage individual progress through their dance education, providing accelerated technical training and numerous performing opportunities. The Company also serves as a guide for older dancers on their path toward a professional dance-related career or college. We will achieve these goals by requiring that each dancer trains in weekly technique classes and rehearsals, participates in performances, attends professional dance conventions and maintains a passion and love for the art of dance!


Lil Fusion

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Introduction to Fusion Dance Company!

2 Weekly Classes: 1 Hour Jazz / Hip Hop + 1 Hour Ballet / Tap.

Performances: Holiday Show, HYPErbole, Chico State Basketball Games

Competitions: 1 Competition in Spring

Commitment: August - June / No Audition

Parent meeting required on 8/19 at 5:00 PM

Mini Fusion

1st Grade - 4th Grade

Mini 1’s

Classes: 1 Hour Jazz / Hip Hop, 1 Half Hour Ballet / Tap

Mini 2’s

Classes: 1 hour Jazz Tech, 1 hour ballet, 1 hour tap, 1 hour Hip Hop / Rehearsal.

Performances: Holiday show, HYPErbole, Local Events.

Competitions: Mini 1’s: 1 competition / Mini 2’s: 3 competitions.

Commitment: August - June. Placement audition required. 

Must attend 4-Day Dance Retreat August 5 - 8.

Fusion Dance Company

4th Grade & Up

Company Track / Training Track

Jazz Requirements: Jazz Tech, Ballet, Jazz rehearsal.

Hip Hop Requirements: Hip Hop rehearsal.

Tap Requirements: Tap Tech, Tap rehearsal.

Extra: Production rehearsals, additional training classes.

Performances: Sacramento Kings Game, Holiday Show, HYPErbole, Local Events.

Competition: 3-4 competitions throughout season.

Commitment: August - June. Audition required.

Must attend 4-day Dance Retreat August 5 - 8.


More Info

• Classes begin Monday, August 19.

• Auditions are required for Mini Fusion and FDC - on August 1 at HYPE Dance Studio

• All MIni and FDC members are required to attend the annual “Dance Retreat” on August 5 - 8 for choreography and classes.

FDC Placement:

Each year dancers must audition for a space in Fusion Dance Company. The auditions are FREE, and there are different sections relating to each style. The purpose of the audition is to accept dancers into FDC 2019-2020, and for placement / casting in to technique classes and group routines.

Dancers who want to perform, train and compete with jazz (and its related styles) must attend the Jazz Audition. This includes ballet, contemporary and a jazz combination. Dancers who want to perform, train and compete in hip hop must attend the Hip Hop Audition, which includes tricks/skills and a hip hop combination. Dancers wanting to perform and compete in tap must attend the Tap Audition for upper level tap classes III and/or IV to be placed in the correct class. Please follow the auditions age guidelines. All auditions are kept positive and encouraging!! We ask that dancers come prepared focused and attentive. No talking is allowed during auditions. Dancers should wear the appropriate attire and shoes for each style. Dancers are scored on technique and performance ability. After the audition, a cast list with each dancer’s number will be posted. These results announce the members of FDC 2019-2020. All dancers will be evaluated and grouped according to the ability of the dancer and the artistic vision of the director and choreographers.

Results: they will be posted on the front door of the studio on Friday, August 2 at 5:00 PM. Please make sure you keep your number, as dancer’s numbers will be posted (not names). Please make sure you give us the correct email address at auditions so that we may contact you when needed.

Casting/Groups for routines will be based on the choreographer’s and director’s vision for each piece. Dancers must possess the necessary skills (or potential to have those skills) that each routine requires. We are also looking at the level each dancer is at the time of auditions, and group them according to how we think they will grow the most. We whole-heartedly believe that all dancers are worthy of this opportunity, so there will be routines and parts for every company dancer. Just like in all activities, there are different levels of difficulty and skill. And just like in all areas of life, we must put the work in to achieve them. Sense of entitlement can break a dancer’s spirit, and it is our job to help them understand that growth comes from education and training. Groups/class schedules are announced after company auditions results.

We are excited to form our FDC group for the 2019-2020 season! Please show encouragement and support for everyone during this process and at results.



Approximate Costs

Monthly Tuition: based on required Fusion classes, plus any additional enrolled.

Costumes: range $50-$70 each.

Fusion Jacket: $115 per dancer.

Shoes: range $40-$75 per style.

Competitions: $55 per dancer, per dance.

Conventions: $260 per dancer plus hotel.

Additional: Tickets to Kings game, $20-$50 each.

Requirements for all
Fusion Members

• Fusion Dance Company runs the whole school year, August 19 - June 13, 2020.

• Dancers must have excellent attendance in all required classes. Dancers may not miss rehearsals, scheduled competitions, conventions, and performances.

• Fusion is an accelerated training program for dancers that want to progress and master their dance technique and skills. All Fusion dancers must be committed to working hard and being dedicated to their craft!