HYPE Dance Studio is the North State's most innovative center for dance. Located in the City of Chico, the studio is situated perfectly for dancers to come from all over the area and benefit from the "HYPE Experience".

Founded and owned by dancer/choreographer Sarah Schneeweis, HYPE's philosophy represents a positive and exciting learning environment where dancers can have fun, be creative and experience the incredible art of dance. HYPE Dance Studio encourages dancers to take the disciplines of dance into their everyday lives, helping to build self-confidence, good self-esteem and a passion for living.

Every day at HYPE Dance Studio is a new experience, where dancers never stop learning and ALWAYS has fun! Designed to provide a safe and artistic dance environment, the studio also is great center for dancers to express themselves freely and develop their dance skills at their own pace. HYPE Dance Studio offers a variety of dance instruction for all ages and all levels of ability.

Keeping in alignment with the artistic culture in the Chico community, HYPE Dance Studio produces special performances at various events throughout the year. Performance opportunities and reaching out to the community is a priority for the studio.  HYPE is the home of "Believe", the amazing holiday dance show inspired by the Polar Express!  Auditions and rehearsals happen throughout the year at the studio.  Other performances HYPE Dancers participate in are the HYPE Holiday Dance Review, the Student Choreography Showcase, "HYPErbole" Spring Recital, Chico's Downtown Christmas Preview, the Downtown Thursday Night Markets, Chico State Athletics and much more!  

The exciting opportunities dancers will experience at HYPE are endless. Continuing to grow with the industry, HYPE Dance Studio will ensure that each of its dancers dive into and enjoy the exciting world of dance.